Monday, June 19, 2017

Start of Summer

Since we have returned home we have been enjoying some nice summer days.  Elise started riding a bike with pedals and went from little balance bike, to big balance bike to a big kid bike in about a week! It has been pretty great! Again, thanks to Uncle Joel!


To get our garden up and running this summer we had to start by cleaning out the greenhouse and repairing one last wall with a fan:

Then we dug up and fertilized all of the soil:

Then we brought out the seedlings:



We already have tomatoes on the vine, peppers and strawberries growing.  The squash and zucchini are about to bloom and the bean and pea vines are growing quickly. The carrots, lettuce and beets are looking pretty good too.

We drink raw cow's milk from a local dairy farmer and it is our turn to pick it up for our group of friends every third week.  We love running this errand as the cows are very friendly:

The kids started Forest School for the summer and again I am teaching a kindergarten/1st grade class. It has been quite a bit of fun. Our first day, May 26th, it was snowing! We have had rain and 90F heat so far, as well as a lot of fun.

Katherine is in the green on the top of the little hill, Elise is in the yellow closest to me.

Katherine is on the far right in the blue:

Katherine is in the blue to the left of the mast and Elise is in the yellow to the right of the mast:

Snack time. Katherine is in the green with red cap to the left of the middle and Elise is in the yellow and brown cap on the lower left of the circle.

 Aunt Jill's water table is back out and being put to excellent use:


We re-stained two more sides of the house:

 Katherine is taking horse back riding lessons this summer. The rest of us pass the time playing in the little playhouse:

In the past 4 months I have had to work on each child. I had to pull three of Katherine's baby teeth in the front after they were not allowing the adult teeth to come in correctly, I lasered off Ben's lip tie and Elise fell and peeled the gums off her top jaw. All three kids were great. Elise calmed down quickly and was completely cooperative the entire time. (Blood warning, photos of Elise's injury are below)


She has healed quite nicely:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Great Wedding #turningturpin5617

We made it to Texas in one piece and made it to our hotel and bed by 3:30am (yikes!) instead of 8:30pm the night before. Later that morning we took it easy and headed out to see some natural caverns at "Cave Without a Name" in Boerne, Texas. It was beautiful and we were the only ones on the tour. The guide was a very, very nice young man who answered every question (and there were many) our little group had.


That evening we headed out the Gonzales' house for dinner. Somehow I didn't take a single picture of the very fun evening!

The next day we took Ely to iFly San Antonio. It was so much fun. When Katherine first went out, the people watching said "She is so little, how old is she?" To which I replied, 6. Then it was Elise's turn and they then said "Oh my goodness, she is tiny, how old is she?" To which I replied 3 (the minimum age to do it). They loved it! We all did!



Elle Kimberly



Elise's helmet came off on her video, because she is so small. The instructor stopped her run, got her a different helmet and did her last turn again, taking her up high too, but that wasn't on her video.

The day before the wedding we made our way into San Antonio proper.  It was very, very hot. Our friend Karen recommended this little park for the kids. It was fun!

The girls were flower girls for Christina and Dylan's wedding. We had a great time rehearsing:

And at the rehearsal dinner:

Kids, they bring a whole new meaning to "let's party!"

The morning of the wedding we walked The Riverwalk  and made it up to The Alamo:

Then it was time to get dressed. The girls got ready with the wedding party and had a grand old time doing so:

Elise showing how pretty her dress is to Christina:

And then it was time:

I think we cleaned up quite nicely:

The reception was so, so much fun!

We had hoped to spend a few extra days in Texas, but the flights did not work in our favor. One more day is what we had, so we hung out by the Gonzales pool and visited. I kind of felt bad - the kids kept telling me "Mom, this pool is so great, it is so much nicer when it is hot outside to go swimming." Yeah, I know........

 And then went to the Airport, where things were absolutely crazy since I did not notice our flight was changed to depart 30 minutes early. In my defense that particular flight had been changed four times by the airline from the purchase of the ticket. Justin was not so happy -but we made it home.  It took a few day of recovering but was well worth it -such a great family visit!