Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Grammie and Grandpa Lovejoy come for a visit

This summer I covered quite a few weeks for the dentist I work with. We asked Jim and Judy to come up for two of the weeks I was working to keep the kids. It turned out to be great for them, the kids really enjoyed being with their grandparents and Justin and I really appreciated all of the help keeping the household going on top of getting to visit.

The first weekend they arrived it was time to butcher the chickens and they were a great help:

And for the third year in a row we came home and found one lone chicken who managed to hide while collecting them:

There was lots of reading books:

We went to Talkeetna one weekend. We took a tour of the Susitna River and to a recreation of an Indian Camp.
We took a bus ride to the launch:
 We had to walk a little ways down to the boat:

On the boat:

A recreated cabin -it was awfully short: 

Ben crashed out on the boat:

There was a great little park in town:

The cabins we rented were very nice, the main house had such a nice view:

We had some beautiful weather driving back home:

I had class in Anchorage and Jim and Judy graciously kept the girls while Justin and Ben came to spend the weekend with myself and our friends Amber and Bill in Seward. We rented a boat and tried to fish, but they weren't biting, thankfully we had very nice weather and Resurrection Bay was beautiful:

In town while waiting for dinner I took a squirmy Ben for a walk:

In Anchorage we went for a hike on Flattop which overlooks Anchorage:

Justin did all of the hard work of carrying Ben up and down our hike and thought it was very funny to act all put out:

Our garden was in full swing while they were here:

They celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary here and had a nice meal out:

We took Grammie Love out to Big M farms to pick raspberries one lovely day:

And then we spent the afternoon making raspberry jam with what was left from the car ride home:

Unfortunately in moving all of Judy's photos around for her, I did not make a copy of them for me, so this is where their trip ends. It was great to have them up! I am so happy they made the trip again this year, as it is quite a long ways to get here, and I am so happy we had great weather and got to visit Talkeetna, a town none of us had ever been!

Playing Catch Up Part II

Katherine took horse back riding lessons again this summer, and she did pretty great!


Ben, Elise and while Grammie and Grandpa were here would sit ring side and enjoy the weather:

 Forest School was so much fun, I am so glad we did the summer session and I taught K&1st grade:

We visited the new Fish and Game stocking building, it was neat:

And we visited the local parks quite a bit: