Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Start of Summer, but not really

Oh, how slow break-up has been this year. Very, very slow. So slow, it was snowing in mid-May:


Thankfully a week after that snow, we had green-up and it has finally started to get kind-of warmer.

We went on another school field trip. This time on the Riverboat Discovery:

Where we got to see the Tanana River:

It warmed up enough to move the meat chicks outside:

Even though it is greening-up, there is still plenty of snow for Ben to go off-roading on his bike:

Our friend Amber is moving to the Bronx for three years to specialize in Orthodontics, so we made a trip down to see her as a family before she leaves. We decided to road trip to Seward for the weekend. Overall it was nice, but rainy and a bit chilly still. In Seward there was a Mermaid Festival, so I painted the kids' faces as pirates. Katherine got a little worried they would be the only ones painted, so I joined in on the fun too:

Seward has such a neat little park by the mountains and sea:

We had fun playing on the beach:

On our way back to Anchorage we made a stop for a walk in Girdwood:

Ben wasn't having the best day, as you can see:

But we pushed on through and had a nice overall trip.  We are crossing our fingers it will warm up sooner than later to get our garden going.......

Spring time

As it slowly starts to warm up all of the preparations for summer are in full swing.

Sarah's bees arrived. She said the kids ate lunch staring at them mesmerized:

Our meat chicks arrived:

Katherine finished all of her school projects and presented them at the school presentation day. Lego league and her knitting project:


I taught her how to knit for her year long project. She knit her own hat and scarf:


She stood at her table and answered questions about her knitting project to other attendees:

Spring time forest school this year had us making a large shelter and building a fire:

The kids made their own shavings:

We did a field trip to the barns at the Large Animal Research Center:

The reindeer were very interested in Ben and Elise:

Musk Ox

This baby Musk Ox was very interested in Ben:

Now the slow wait for summer......

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ben turns 2!

Ben turned 2! He has been such a delightful addition to our family. I know I will blink and he will be grown, but for the moment he is still my little baby :)


It was a great celebration week!

Back at the Ranch

Once back from our long trip we returned to cold, cold, cold and more snow, snow, snow. There is a mother moose and her calf that have hung around the house all winter.

Checking eggs is always such an interesting chore for the kids:

I turned 42 shortly after we got home. I took some selfies with the kids and Ben found it very amusing, they baked me a birthday cake and we went out to dinner.


I finally finished the rainbow sweaters:

Katherine had to get braces to help correct some sleeping issues she has been having. Thankfully it is working!

Katherine lopped off a bunch of hair as well that same week.

Ben moved up to a toddler bed set up after the girls showed him how to get out of his crib:

We taught Sparrow how to pull the kids in the snow:

And boy howdy, did we have snow. We spent a lot of time outside playing and plowing:

We hit the slopes with both girls. Katherine at 7 has it down pat and Elise at 4 did her first spins down the big slopes with much glee!

We got our garden plants started: